Our Philosophy

Yes, every single roll (within the same design) will vary to a proper, satisfying pattern. 

Eventually creating a genuine product with an individual character, never achieving the same features. 

It is alive ! the rust keeps rusting as a facade, you won’t stop counting the wrinkles from the wood collection and don’t even mention the – 3D textures.

Every surface has its history, emotion, life inside and that’s because it’s not perfect but a beautiful-symmetrical asymmetry and for that- Thanks to the nature ! 

Our Story...

We started from an idea that seemed impossible, we did not believed then, that we would get where we are now. 

XSTONE accomplished to create an unmatched product named: concrete on a roll or flexible surfaces, malleable wall covering; a manageable stone rolled as usual wallpaper, don’t misunderstand me—I’m not implying that it is a regular product, on the contrary, you’ve never seen such a thing.With the discovery of concrete on a roll, inspiration, and creativity gained momentum, managing to control the reaction of raw products during the process achieving experience and perseverance. Slowly was possible to shuffle between the patterns, textures, manipulate the colors of the components without any hazardous elements applied, completing various characteristic designs. From concrete on a roll, we tried with metals resulting in our rust and copper on a roll then we tried the charcoal; also a successful idea brought to life- and so on keeping it up in our ways, here we are- with 100 textures – 62 colors – 20 minerals – 10 Collections – 7 systems –


What is concrete on a roll ?


Coming soon

Flexible veneers | stone/ mineral coverings almost 2 mm thin, with 95% rock powder and 5% water based binders resulted in one roll: 300cm long plus 100cm wide. It is handcrafted so thin and lightweight (6 kg ), comes along with plug and play system (glue and joint filler included with every roll). 

The rolls are ideal when it comes to unique accents in restaurants, hotels, business facilities, private projects, industrial use as well as bathrooms and kitchens. Whatsoever the surfaces can be mounted on almost every support or any existing professional system and are suitable for exhibition and shop-fitting as well as facades, interiors, and furniture construction. 

Our surfaces are available in a big range of concrete, sandstone, rust, copper, travertine and many other creative designs; the idea is to bring 2mm mineral flexible covers with real optics in a new design era, made of natural components that give its realistic feel at every single touch and view. 

Almost a decade ...


We start to be discovered, conceded even termed as the particularly preferred product in the last decade. XSTONE has been around for 15 years designing technical systems and personalized surfaces with nature’s magic. Since our production and partnership, in this great journey, is established in Germany, Quality Certificates have been issued in Germany, acquired by skilled professionals in specially designed- test laboratories. All products are made of exceptional quartz sand or stone chips and bonded with natural resins. The entire collections are used both indoors, outdoors, floors, walls, as wood panels or veneers for professionals.

We are XSTONE because only we can make from stone and any mineral resource- flexible surfaces with patterns in diversified color intensities and unique textures, from nature’s essential basics. From nature – Like nature.