We are official producers of flexible stone surfaces…

We individualise professional technical systems. Our veneers are about 2 mm thin and handmade. The surfaces can be mounted on almost every support or any existing professional system and are suitable for exhibition and shopfitting as well as facades, interiors, and furniture construction. They are ideal when it comes to unique accents in restaurants, hotels, business facilities, private projects,industrial use as well as bathrooms and kitchens.Our surfaces are available in a big range of concrete, sandstone, rust, travertine and many other creative designs. XSTONE Group produces 2mm thin handcrafted surfaces, based on 95% rock powder and 5% binders,in natural optics. We distribute our products worldwide.

All products are made of exceptional quartz sand or stone chips and bonded with natural resins. The entire collection can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since the products are made in loving craftsmanship, each piece is individually unique. Our products are entirely odour-neutral and manufactured in Germany according to high-quality standards exclusively with European, raw materials. Our idea is to bring 2mm flexible mineral surfaces in a new design era made of natural components that give its realistic feel at the touch and view. 

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