Maintained surfaces for long-lasting, natural beauty, whatever life throws at it.

Our caring products collection is thoughtfully designed with specific materials to meet the demands of each surface and system.However, some of them require individual care or finish process depending on the products nature and the environment’s behaviour on the texture.

Enjoy to connect with the characters again, love the routine and the result. The pillars are no exception to the general style.

To enjoy XSTONE's style for years to come it requires maintenance, or specific finishes to adequately assure the same look through its life span.

Our textures, surfaces and the systems all together are made for daily use in living spaces either modern homes or commercial areas. Natural minerals remain one of our favorite elements, but because it is a living material, it is essential to take care of them in the best possible way. We strive to create long-lasting qualified materials with great attention to the article and its details. When we hand over our product, we hope you will give the design the attention it needs because exceptional quality requires excellent care.