Essentially thought and designed to ease our basic installation routine, which causes time loss and different hazardous situations. Remaining aware of all those uncomfortable situations: we tried to develop a comfortable, secure, manageable system.


From ideas to reality - reaching our goals, building innovations.

The most comfortable system invented, with the same unique style, high quality  & pure essential resources.

STICKYSTONE – only peel off and stick your preferred texture. As flooring or wall covering? Well, no matter which one you choose suits both of them! Let us talk about those fresh designs available with this system-
As usual, inspired and collected from natures creations, in this collection we based on two essential elements as stone and metal.
Our goal was to blend the natural texture with contemporary patterns and the latest colour trends. In the same way, trying to preserve the natural look and touch of the main elements.
The designed collection starts with four classics in  Bauhaus style. Following with more pigmentation only in a natural palette, more or less, carefully selected dominant colour trends to match our main collection idea. For industrial and futuristic style lovers we mixed old and new with stylish and bold-  
Rough/shredded/torn kind of textures and aged metals also know as XSTONE flexible rust available in two patterns, with carefully balanced features.