It stirs us to strive for the goal, achieve the target and aspire to something beyond our comfort zone.

Concrete, a mundane industrial material generally associated with building construction, concrete is known for its solidity, strength, and durability. Often used to create large monolithic forms, designers have started to manipulate the cold, rigid medium, forming it into organic and fluid furniture pieces. 

We find our drive in the exploration of innovative design whether it is in form, function or material.

"In the past, art was expected to transfer the object from the inanimate to the animated world. Now since we know that the whole world is animated, the task is to interact with the intelligence of matter."

Concrete furniture trend is found in the charts of the most favorite styles in decades, becoming more popular every year. Applied widely and appreciated by the majority, while its production is a very complicated process due to the mineral structure, cold nature of the concrete and the weight that it has been achieved.Achieve formal qualities with XSTONE concrete veneer expressing more movement and softer lines with our material combination offering a softer warmer look to the designs which generally creates a thinner and lighter structure, yet with the original look and finish. The product is available on a roll, as sheets; also each piece can be combined with a wood core. A perfect product for carpenters, professionals and DIY lovers.