The different sorts of this eco-friendly product and its natural colors make every panel unique and experience for all the senses.

The floor tiles look like a massive stone block, but with all the advantages of traditional flooring. However, the material does not share the negative characteristic of the original stone.

Delightful symbiosis from nature- A perfect all-around choice- Unique and flexible finished.

With the statement “healthy living,” XSTONE Concrete Matte , eco-designed floors create a comfortable ambiance, the backing ensures a pleasant foot warmth and also offers an impact sound insulation.

It is a natural hand-crafted product with care and precision to create something that is valuable and unique, can be used in many ways, whether for hotels, beautify bars or restaurants around individual room elements or simply just to put accents. XSTONE Floor tiles consist of 1 -1.5 mm of natural stone surface and 2 mm high-density resin substrate , with dimensions of 120cm – 80 cm. There is something to suit every taste and every interior design style, 100 % PVC-free, it doesn’t contain neither chlorine no plasticizer. So let your imagination run wild and find your own personal favorite decor.