Its timeless elegance is taking on a new character with its own practical use, ideal colours and unique features which lures you in to have a closer look at the details.

Personalise it to suit your needs. Make it yours.

Widely adopted in the modern construction ways -Traditionally known as "difficult to work with it”

Travertine was long used in Italian buildings like the Coliseum and many other historic buildings. Widely adopted in the modern construction ways for cladding, facades and especially wall covering. Traditionally known as “very difficult to work with it”. Here we come with an innovative solution– Travertine on a roll. Our flexible travertine surface makes any application you can dream up not only possible but effortless. Flexible travertine is handmade with natural products which result in a variety of colour shades and details. Generating a unique appearance in each produced piece, making it individual from other ones in its own way.